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Rubber Mulch...

Rubber mulch is an excellent ground cover for playgrounds giving a more suitable cushion for falling children that other mulches do not offer. Not to mention this mulch is rubber and will not deteriorate allowing you to never have to re-mulch your playground area. Rubber mulch is sold in a 40 lb. 1.5 cubic foot bag or in a 2,000 lb. supersack.

  • 99.9% steel free, 3/8"-3/4" in size.

    1.55 Cu. Ft. Bag

    2-Yard Super Sack

    3/8" Landscape Rubber Mulch



    3/8" Playground Nuggets



    Recommended depths are:

    1.55 Cu. Ft. Bag Covers

    Super Sack Covers

    3" up to 7 ft. fall

    6 sq. ft. at 3" deep

    300 sq. ft. @ 3"

    4" up to 9 ft. fall

    4.6 sq ft. at 4" deep

    230 sq. ft. @ 4"

    6" up to 13 ft. fall

    3 sq. ft. at 6" deep

    150 sq. ft. @ 6"

Basic Black
Natural black is uncolored whole ground tire material. Looks like topsoil from a distance and blends well with other colors!

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Royal Blue
A bright blue.

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Forest Green
Gives a natural green look.

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Terra Cotta Red
A rustic red.

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Cocoa Brown
Dark chocolate brown

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