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Soils and Compost...

Proper soil is crucial to create an environment suitable for your plants. Our soils make a fine planting medium for all your gardening projects. Dirt and compost are sold by the cubic yard and cover around 80sq. ft.

  • The delivery charge for 3 or more cubic yards is $45
  • The delivery charge for 2 cubic yards is $60
  • The delivery charge for 1 cubic yard is $75

20-ton Truckload prices are based on a 5 mile radius from our store. Any distance over 5 miles will be charged an additional $3.00/mile. All 20 ton loads weigh in between 18-20 tons.
Mushroom Compost Blend
Our Mushroom Compost Blend is perfect for gardens, laying sod or top dressing lawns.

$70: Cubic Yard
$39: 1/2 Cubic Yard
Screened Topsoil
Our topsoil is 34" screened to remove rocks and large roots. It is a great base for laying sod.

$45:Cubic Yard
$27: 1/2 Cubic Yard

20 ton truckload price $550



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